'We can become more open minded, respectful and achieve greater self – awareness'.

At Burscough Village Primary we want our children to have a broad understanding of religions and cultures in our society. At the heart of our RE curriculum is the understanding of what it is to be human. Through spiritual, moral, cultural, and mental understanding of different religions, we intend for our children to be knowledgeable and be able to talk to others about their religion and cultures in an open minded and respectful manner.

At Burscough Village, RE is taught weekly. Whilst we follow the Lancashire Sacre syllabus, teachers tailor their RE lessons to suit the needs and interests of the children. Our children learn about six main world religions by following three fields of enquiry: shared human experience, living religious traditions, and beliefs and values. The curriculum is a spiral and progressive approach, ensuring that knowledge is revisited and built upon year on year. In the  Early Years Foundation Stage, the children are introduced to the idea of special days and festivals within religions, and how these are celebrated. In Key Stage 1, children will begin to listen to religious stories and be encouraged to raise questions and reflect on their own views. In Key stage 2, the children build upon their knowledge and vocabulary. They are encouraged to ask curious and challenging questions, developing their own viewpoints in a respectful manner. To enhance the children’s learning we welcome visitors throughout the year and plan trips and visits in our local area and beyond. RE is assessed termly by class teachers.

RE Progression and Long-Term Plan Documents

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