'The beauty of mathematics is, it only shows itself to more patient followers'

In our creative, engaging and ambitious mathematics curriculum, we intend for our children to all aspire to achieve success and make progress.  We believe in encouraging children to have can-do attitudes towards mathematics, so that they are confident in number and as a result become fluent mathematicians.  Reasoning and problem solving will be commonplace and children will relish the challenge.  Children will understand the importance of mathematics in everyday life and the skills and opportunities it provides them with for their future.

At Burscough Village Primary School, Mathematics is delivered daily and as a core aspect of our ambitious curriculum.  Whilst we follow the progression provided by Lancashire schemes of work (see below), teachers plan and deliver lessons tailored to the needs and interests of their class (see pictures below).  The schemes of work are designed so that the core topics of mathematics are frequently revisited throughout a school year, enabling children to consolidate their knowledge.  This also provides teachers with opportunities to ensure mathematics knowledge is embedded in their long-term memory and for children to be challenged.  Lessons are designed to ensure teachers briefly revisit previous topics and understanding is built upon.  This enables gaps and misconceptions to be identified and learning to progress.  Children are encouraged to use a range of resources and materials to support their learning in mathematics.  

Mathematics Progression Documents

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Mathematics Long-Term Plan (By Year)

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