'If I create from the heart, nearly everything works.  

If I create from the head, almost nothing does.'

Marc Chagall 

Through our exciting, ambitious and inspiring art curriculum, we intend for our school to be a creative climate, where all can aspire to meet their own artistic potential. We believe children should feel confident to express their ideas and passion through their artwork, and think ‘ISHLY’- meaning they are not afraid of failure- as in art, you cannot fail! We support all children to develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture with exciting projects. We encourage our children to be excited and curious about key artists, sculptors and architects and to evaluate pieces of art with their own knowledge and beliefs.

At Burscough Village Primary School, art is blocked each term so that children are given the opportunity and time to fully immerse themselves in their creative unit. This offers each child flexibility and independence in their choices and encourages them to truly evaluate and adapt their ideas.  We follow the Access Art Curriculum and progression (see below) however, teachers adapt and extend activities to suit the needs and interests of each class. Each term we focus on either drawing, surface and colour or working in three dimensions. Each unit includes a mix of skills and are built up with mini project pieces.

We believe that art is a unique subject and in order to enable creativity in our school, we have carefully considered our approach to assessment. All teachers assess against the National Curriculum learning objectives with regards to key skills, but we also ensure we have open-ended conversations with our children to discuss their own evaluations and reasons for their work. We have several art clubs and workshops to help encourage further exploration within art units or to support children with skills they may find difficult. 

Art Progression and Long-Term Plan Documents

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