“One of the most beautiful things we can give our children is music education”

At Burscough Village Primary School, our music curriculum intends to inspire, engage and motivate children. Our curriculum allows children to express themselves and connect with others; building up their self-confidence, self-achievement and love of music. We believe that music should be an enjoyable, practical experience and aim to foster a life-long love of music by exposing children a wide variety of musical styles and genres.

At Burscough Village, Music is taught weekly. Whilst we follow the Charanga Model Music scheme, teachers tailor their music lessons to suit the needs and interests of the children   Our children learn about the key elements of music: listening, singing, playing, improvising and composing, through a spiral and progressive curriculum. The children will regularly revisit prior musical learning to refresh, consolidate and build upon knowledge, skills and attitudes. This approach will form holistic, resilient, confident and informed musicians over the course of the curriculum. This spiral approach leads to deeper, more secure learning and musical mastery.

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, the children engage in musical activities that introduce pulse, rhythm and pitch through traditional songs and nursery rhymes, using their voices and classroom instruments. In Key Stage 1, these musical elements are built upon and embedded and the children will begin to understand the basic concept of improvisation and composition. In Key stage 2, children will follow an instrumental part through ear or reading notation and compose up to 12 bar melodies.  To enhance the children’s learning, we have a weekly singing assembly which covers a wide genre of musical styles, and the children have the opportunity to join the school choir which regularly performs within the school community. Children from years 3 to 6 will have guitar lessons for half a term each year. In addition to this, we have a variety of musical performances and shows across all key stages throughout the year, allowing children to express themselves and become confident musicians and performers.  

Music Progression and Long-Term Plan Documents

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